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Trying to decide on the best carpet steam cleaners for your home or place of business? Not all carpet cleaners use the same cleaning techniques.

There are only two cleaning methods carpet cleaning companies use. These include a carpet restoration process or a simpler method known as a maintenance process. The two are not to be confused.

Maintenance Process:

The simpler maintenance carpet cleaning process is used when carpets are less than six months old and only need to be touched up.

The carpet cleaning equipment used in the maintenance cleaning process varies from one company to another some include portable cleaning equipment that you yourself could rent at the local hardware store which unfortunately are totally under powered. Other companies will actually spray carbonated water on your carpet and then simply vacuum it up, again offering minimal results.

Buyer beware these cleaning methods have their place in the cleaning industry but are not the cure all for soiled carpets or carpeting that is over six months old.

Restoration Process:

The Best Carpet Cleaning Method recommended by most major carpet manufacturers, is the restoration cleaning process commonly known as "Hot Water Extraction or Steam Cleaning". The use of truck mounted cleaning equipment has revolutionized the carpet cleaning industry. This type of cleaning equipment offers the proper amount of pressure, vacuum and temperature which are critical to maximizing cleaning results.

Carpet Pre-Treating:

The correct preparation of the carpet or upholstery to be cleaned is also very important. A tool called a hydro-force is commonly used to apply detergent and deodorizer under pressure as well as temperature to the soiled carpeting prior to cleaning. This preparation makes it easier for the carpet or upholstery to release soil during the extraction process.


When deciding on a carpet cleaning company for your own home or place of business ask key questions such as whether the company offers a restoration or maintenance process. Nine times out of ten you will need a restoration cleaning process.


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