Carpet Cleaning Fairfield, CT

Carpet cleaning Fairfield, CT your one call to the best carpet cleaner. In regards to today's cleaning technologies, one has to take a number of different factors into consideration. The cleaning of carpeting has been around for many years and the difference lies in the technique and equipment that is used to remove soiling. Twenty years ago carpet shampooers were the only cleaning process available having very limited results. Today, truck mounted steam cleaning equipment rule's with advanced cleaning technology.

The cleaning of carpeting is the ability to remove different kinds of soiling that occurs in every day life such as ground in dirt, juice stains, oil from pet fur, newspaper print and the use of carpet deodorizing as a odor remover. The idea is to surround each stain with a sir-factant (detergent is generally used). While the stain is suspended by the sir-factant a rinsing process is used to remove the soiling along with the detergent used. Along those lines a number of other key issues have to be considered.

The cleaning process involves three primary principles, temperature, pressure and vacuum. Obviously the greater the three the better the results. The higher the temperature the better. This is commonly seen when we wash white clothes the hotter the water the better the clean. Today's synthetic carpeting is made using an *acid dye which prevents bleeding of colors. A carpet cleaner with a 25 degree higher cleaning temperature than his competitor will have far better cleaning results. The next issue is the water pressure used to rinse out the detergents used previously. Generally speaking a common cleaning pressure for synthetic wall to wall carpeting is 425 (P.S.I) pounds per square inch is the norm. The last key element is vacuum, the ability to remove pre-sprays and detergents that were used previously to loosen the soiling from carpeting in the first place. Usually a machine that can deliver 350 (C.F.M) cubic feet per minute will work just fine.

Not all respective cleaning companies have these three elements. Most companies sacrifice one for the other. As always do you're homework and ask questions along the guide lines above (This usually will separate the men from the boy's). Most of the time when all these three elements above are reached the results will be maximized.

* Some synthetic carpeting especially REDS and BLUES should be tested for color fastness prior to cleaning. When considering natural fibers such as area rugs and wool carpet cleaning. Certain specific steps should be taken before the cleaning process.

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