Simple Carpet Cleaning Tips

Follow these carpet cleaning tips to extend your carpet's life. The easiest way to maintain your carpeting is through regular maintenance.

Proper Maintenance a Key.

Did you know that money well spent on a good vacuum cleaner can have a major impact on the life of your carpet and fine area rugs. When choosing a vacuum cleaner buy a universal one. The best one for cleaning carpeting would have a rotating brush on the bottom and come with a number of different cleaning attachments for a variety of cleaning jobs. The vacuum with a brush has the ability to agitate the carpet allowing deep down dirt to be removed. Did you know that the vacuum cleaner picks up more dirt on the back stroke rather than the forward stroke by pulling slower on the back stroke will allow the vacuum cleaner to work more efficiently and remove more deep down dirt from you're carpeting.

How many times a week should I vacuum my carpet? This depends on the individual conditions of your household. For instance a family of two with no pets can probably get by with once a week. On the other hand a family of four with a cat and a dog might need vacuuming every other day.

When it comes to professional carpet cleaning the leading carpet manufactures recommend at least once a year. Again, more frequent cleaning might be required depending on individual household conditions. If cleaning is required on a regular basis (every three months) consider having only the high traffic areas cleaned. This maintenance process will greatly extend the life of the carpeting and can be quite less expensive.

Carpet accidents will happen I offer same day service or please see my guide Spills & Spots, Easy Carpet Stain Removal.

No matter what kind of carpeting or area rugs you may have a little maintenance can make a measurable difference in the life of your carpeting.

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